Institut Supérieur de Formation Bancaire / Institute for Studies in Finance & Banking


21/10 – Solid benefits from pursuing our Master program

Our on-the-job graduate survey indicates very solid benefits from pursuing our Master program

18 months after our first class successfully completed their Master program, Kalaidos Romandie felt the timing was optimal for a second moment of truth.

If the course evaluations provide a relevant and meaningful indicator of first satisfaction, they fail to capture a measure of long term impact of such programs on the professional realities and prospects of future students.


We asked all 15 students of our first cohort to evaluate (on a scale of 1 to 6) the extent to which the program had made an on-the-job impact.

The results of this survey was highly anticipated as the first class displayed both representativeness (5 different cantons; 12 different institutions from cantonal banks to private ones) and seniority (average age: 37; average meaningful bank experience: 15 years).

In a nutshell, here are the key findings:

  • Globally, students evaluated very positively the professional impact of pursuing this program, giving an overall rating just over  5.0
  • Specifically, students felt that the Master had made a very significant impact in terms of growing and expanding managerial capacities (4.9), displaying increased leadership (5.0), developing a tactical and strategic mind-set (5.9) and expanding the professional horizon (5.8)
  • Close to two thirds of respondents indicated that they had experienced increased responsibilities in the form of either an internal promotion or a change of employer
  • Fully 100% felt the program had been a good investment

Kalaidos Romandie is very proud of these results which complement our first moment of truth indicators (average course evaluation rating: 5.16 / 6.00) and strengthen our resolve to offer a program which is not only viewed as interesting and enjoyable, but also impacting and relevant to meet the challenges faced by today’s managers and tomorrow’s leaders of the transforming bank and financial industry.