Our vocation is to support the development of the skills of all finance specialists operating in French-speaking Switzerland.


Technical and managerial training in all areas of banking and finance.


Preparation for Swiss and international certification exams such as SAQ, CFA, CAIA.


Career development in banking.


Conferences, organization of expert circles, dissemination of skill-related news.

Whether you're a specialist, executive or decision-maker,

ISFB supports you at every stage of your banking career

to develop or confirm your technical expertise and train your interpersonal skills.


More than a traditional training center

We are the skills and career development hub for the financial sector in French-speaking Switzerland.

Our mission as a not-for-profit professional association is to meet the training and career development needs of our members and their employees. Since 1987, our Institute has been firmly integrated into the banking sector throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Deeply rooted in the region's economy and academic community, we maintain close connections with both our institutional members and key players in the field of skills development. Thanks to this permanent immersion, we fully understand the specific characteristics of our market and share a collective vision and human proximity.

Who are our members?

At ISFB, we deeply value face-to-face interaction, which is why a large proportion of our services are offered directly in our premises or those of our members. We are also equipped with a professional broadcasting studio to carry out short sessions on request or for certain very specific services, but always in real time. This direct interaction with our customers and the players in our network is a considerable asset, stimulating exchange between professionals and contributing to the development of career paths.

As a Skills and Career Center, our approach is systematically global in all our interactions. We offer comprehensive support, covering both continuing professional development and skills assessment, as well as career development coaching, whether for progression or through more complex times. Our team of experts includes economists, lawyers, psychologists and IT specialists, all active in various roles within the banking sector. In this way, the ISFB has established itself not only as a central place for exchanges between working professionals, but also as a space to support retraining throughout the financial sector.

Our main strength, which we cultivate daily, is our ability to be pragmatic. We adhere to a flexible yet organized management approach, which enables us to meet the requirements of our institutional clients with efficiency. Our people are seasoned professionals, straight from the field, offering practical and directly applicable skills. In addition, we follow a three-year strategic plan that provides us with clear direction, while giving us the flexibility to constantly adjust our range of services in response to dynamic changes in our sector.

What sets us apart

What people say about us

"The ISFB makes perfect sense in supporting banking specialists in their professional transition."

"ISFB has real legitimacy with employers and employees."

"The ISFB is very well integrated into the economic and academic fabric of French-speaking Switzerland, which means that we can provide top-quality, up-to-date training".

"ISFB represents an extremely interesting local ecosystem in terms of skills and know-how".

"The courses offered at ISFB enable us to maintain a strong link between theory and practice."

"In my view, holding a certificate issued by the ISFB represents an important value for the employability of its holder."

Who we are

ISFB is the competence and career center for banks and financial institutions in French-speaking Switzerland. The Institute offers services specific to the banking and finance sector in the fields of Continuing Education, Certifications, Career Development and Network Outreach. Founded in 1987 as a not-for-profit professional association, the ISFB currently brings together over fifty banking and financial institutions throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

lines of business
member institutions
lecturers, experts and consultants
specialists trained or supported in their careers

We firmly believe in the positive impact of face-to-face training on motivation, and place great emphasis on sharing experiences.

Boost my career?


A fine blend of technical and interactive skills

Academic research shows that certain factors contribute more fundamentally to professional success: technical knowledge and skills and 'soft skills', but also the influence of the context in which the individual evolves, his or her motivation and confidence in his or her ability to succeed, in particular.

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