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18/08 – Kalaidos Romandie’s CAS in Financial Marketing embraces the digital revolution

Kalaidos Romandie’s CAS in Financial Marketing embraces the digital revolution

As banks struggle to address rising costs and lower margins, many are starting to rethink their old bricks and mortar models and addressing the digital transition.

More than a simple change of distribution channel, this shift will have an impact on a great number of variables: strategy, profitability, job description, client relations, management and leadership to name just a few.

This fall’s CAS in Financial Marketing & Product Distribution will feature an in depth study of the new emerging forces and long lasting trends brought about by the digital revolution, helping our students address the changes and stay ahead of the curve in the very fast moving financial industry.

Adding to our existing portfolio of Marketing 2.0 courses (Marketing & New Technologies; Virtual Banking; Banking 2.0 etc), five new lectures, purely focused on new marketing themes have been added to the curriculum:

Our program this year will feature the visit of Fintech Fusion, Switzerland’s first and largest fintech accelerator. During this visit, students will have the opportunity to meet with a dozen promising fintechs and see upfront the upcoming applications and products which should shape the market in the near future.

More than ever, Corporate Communication – whether internal, external, crisis driven or business as usual – is a key component of corporate strategy, especially in the current digital landscape characterized by higher speed of diffusion and multiplication of communication channels. Bernard Schuster, Head of Communication for UBP, one of Switzerland’s most active and outspoken bank, will decipher the main elements of an effective communication strategy.

Social media is all the rage, but it is not a fire proof strategy: what are the limits and potential of communication through these mediums, what are the key do’s and dont’s ? These are some of the topics that Jérôme Belloir, one of Europe’s top media advisers for banks will share with the class.

What is Big Data ? How is it gathered ? What information can be derived and how does it impact our relation with the client ? Lise Crettaz, Senior Manager with IBM and the firm’s specialist in big data implementation for banks will share her expertise on the subject.

The web is an endless source of information and contacts; mastering its environment and the assorted tools available can be an important, cheaper and more focused sales and acquisition channel – provided it is done properly. Michael Desforges, a former banker and Geneva based entrepreneur, will cover the grounds throughout the course Prospection and Acquisition in the Digital Age.

With the proliferation of internet based product information and customer reviews, a new moment of truth has been added to the customer relationship management chain: customers can now get acquainted with the product earlier and directly. Also, how does the firm manage to add value in a world of product customization and price transparency? This causes important challenges for firms as Jean Pfeifer, management consultant specialised in the marketing dimension of banking, will outline during his lecture Client Experience Management.