Production start of our new Moodle space

Like many training institutes, the ISFB uses the Moodle platform to interact with its participants.

As part of its dynamic program, the ISFB now uses the Moodle platform to allow its participants to access their course materials, planning, virtual exchanges between the various participants, or to access various module-specific options.

The accesses are nominative and communicated to the participants as soon as their registration is validated by our Operations department.

The access to moodle is done from our website by clicking on the MY ISFB button.

Accessing Moodle

About us

Active for more than 30 years in the development of skills in banking and finance, the Institut
(ISFB) is the center for continuing education and career development in the banking sector in French-speaking
in the banking sector.

Constituted as a non-profit professional association, the ISFB
is a not-for-profit professional association that brings together some fifty institutions from the banking and financial sector under Swiss law.

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