CAS Marketing and Communication in Financial Services

Catalog | Training given in partnership with the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève


Communication and marketing are essential, whatever the industry or position.

Each member of the company evolves within the framework of these two vectors and transforms them into posture, concrete actions and communication, directly with stakeholders or with people in turn in contact with other stakeholders.


The knowledge and skills acquired in this CAS should enable the participant to acquire a tactical or strategic vision of how a bank or financial institution operates, so as to be able to:

  • take part in an exploratory, informative or analytical discussion ;
  • exchange with specialists or read their inputs (presentations, reports, etc.);
  • make a well-founded decision, taking into account various parameters ;
  • assess the relevance of potential solutions and the state of existing solutions ;
  • make justified proposals ;
  • follow trends and the direction of the theme.

Target audience

  • People working in the front-office sector (direct customer contact)
  • Anyone wishing to take on a management role in the financial sector, requiring a thorough understanding of and practical tools for dealing with stakeholders.


The speakers selected jointly by ISFB and HEG have been working in banking and finance, or in their respective fields, for many years, and are recognized as some of the best experts in the ISFB ecosystem in French-speaking Switzerland.


ISFB program co-director: Frédéric Ruiz

HEG Program Co-Director: François Duc

Product Manager ISFB: Alexandre Haberih

Training offered in partnership with the Geneva School of Management (HEG-Geneva).

Course duration and location

  • 12 days
  • Face-to-face, alternating between the HEG Geneva campus and the ISFB.
  • Courses can also be held in Lausanne, depending on the session.
  • Friday and Saturday all day
  • Language : French


  • HEG, Battelle Campus, Rue de la Tambourine 17, 1227 Carouge
  • ISFB, Geneva, Rte des Jeunes 12, 1212 Grand-Lancy

Title issued

CAS in Marketing and Communication in Financial Services. 12 ECTS credits.

Program composition

The CAS is made up of 4 modules of 3 ECTS credits over several days.

Module 1 - Strategy and positioning

  • Understand the influence of the various key attributes of the marketing mix in the banking sector
  • Implement, apply or communicate pricing policy
  • Analyze your markets and competitors and benchmark your business
  • Assess the possibilities and constraints of different distribution channels
  • Apply a marketing strategy to the scale of your business system
  • Adopt a posture and actions that are relevant to the company's marketing strategy

Module 2 - Next Generation Marketing

  • Understanding the differences between traditional and digital marketing
  • Supporting digital marketing with the right posture
  • Select appropriate tools according to various parameters (target, objective, resources, etc.)
  • Analyzes customer behavior and expectations in the presence of digital solutions
  • Analyze opportunities, risks, challenges and success factors
  • Supporting the bank's digital transformation

Module 3 - Communication

  • Apply the difference between communication and information
  • Adapt your communication and your message to suit the circumstances and the objectives
  • Adapt your communication and message to your target audience
  • Recognizing communication errors and the associated risks
  • Understand your company's communications so you can adopt appropriate actions and postures
  • Position and defend your brand and image

Module 4 - Interpersonal marketing

  • Understand the implications of societal transformations (millenials, digitalization, etc.) on customer relations.
  • Apply differentiated attitudes based on cultural and generational differences
  • Adopt a customer-oriented posture and strategy rather than a product-oriented one
  • Identify factors likely to create exploitable customer value
  • Optimizing the strength of your network


CHF 6'500.00 + HEG registration fee


Please register directly on the Haute Ecole de Gestion website. Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration conditions

Holders of a bachelor's degree or a qualification deemed equivalent by the program management. Holders of the ISFB Private Banking Certificate or the ISFB Retail & Corporate Banking Certificate may be admitted on an equivalent basis, subject to acceptance by the Program Management.

You can also fill in the information request form on this page. We will then contact you to answer any questions you may have about this course.

Opening of the next session

The CAS program will start in the first quarter of 2024. Pre-registration is now possible.

The date of the next session will be posted soon.
The full training schedule will be available here.

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