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Swiss and international certifications

Evaluate and certify technical and interpersonal skills in banking and finance


The Institute acts as an SAQ Approved Center for CWMA segment examinations and re-certification in the CP, CI, CCoB, PME and CWMA segments.

ISFB also offers preparatory programs for the international CFA ESG and CAIA certifications. 

SAQ Certifications

The SAQ Client Advisor Bank certification system was developed in close collaboration with the Swiss banking industry and is recommended by Swiss Banking to its members. Since 2016, the SAQ certificate has been designated as a quality standard by Swiss Banking. SAQ certification is a personal certificate consisting of an assessment of technical, behavioral and regulatory skills thus offering a common standard across the industry.

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International Certifications

The CFA ESG and the CAIA are two international certifications for which ISFB provides optimal preparation.


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SAQ certification is the Swiss Bankers Association's response to the training requirements set out in the Financial Services Act. It consists of an assessment of technical and behavioral skills, divided into one or more written exams and an oral exam. To this end, the SBA has entrusted the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) with the task of setting up this certification program, in line with the content requirements laid down by the SBA.

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Larissa Kungudi

Quality Manager

Our offer

Preparatory course - Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst® (CAIA) level I

Preparatory Course - Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) ESG Investing

SAQ CCoB recertification package

SAQ CI recertification package

SAQ CP recertification package

SAQ CWMA 1 recertification package (day)

SAQ CWMA 2 recertification package (day)

SAQ PME recertification package

CWMA Intra recertification package

SAQ CWMA certification preparation program - French session

SAQ CWMA Certification Preparation Program - English Session

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A fine blend of technical and interactive skills

Academic research shows that certain factors contribute more fundamentally to professional success: technical knowledge and skills and 'soft skills', but also the influence of the context in which the individual evolves, his or her motivation and confidence in his or her ability to succeed, in particular.

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