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Strategic Business Area 4

Network reach

Support professional networking and knowledge-sharing in banking and finance


ISFB has positioned itself as a local hub for associations, with the aim of contributing, alongside other specialized players, to the expansion of the network of expertise in the French-speaking financial center.

We are proud to contribute to the development of the skills of financial players.

The ISFB Hub

The ISFB Hub is aimed at ISFB alumni, and offers benefits such as themed meetings, team sparring and preferential prices.

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ISFB Insight

ISFB Insight provides monthly updates on training and skills development in the French-speaking Swiss financial center, as well as on our range of services.


ISFB scientific committees

The scientific committees bring together volunteer members and senior specialists to help ISFB assess market needs and evaluate the relevance of its offering.

ISFB premises

The ISFB has multi-purpose rooms that can be combined to accommodate up to 50 seated people. These rooms can be rented for members' training courses and examinations, as well as by professional associations in the banking and finance sector, at very attractive rates.

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Participation in research

ISFB maintains close links with academic and business players. As a professional association, ISFB operates within an ecosystem made up of numerous stakeholders: on the one hand, member establishments, their employees and the general public interested in banking and finance; and on the other, public and private players, training centers and universities, involved in initial or continuing training, career development and advice. What they all have in common is that they are active in the management of banking and financial skills.

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A fine blend of technical and interactive skills

Academic research shows that certain factors contribute more fundamentally to professional success: technical knowledge and skills and 'soft skills', but also the influence of the context in which the individual evolves, his or her motivation and confidence in his or her ability to succeed, in particular.

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