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With more than 30,000 billion francs managed worldwide according to the principles of sustainability and a sustained annual growth, sustainable finance is today a major and unavoidable phenomenon. The marked interest of investors, the important changes in thinking as well as the adaptation of regulatory constraints encourage the industry to approach this theme with proactivity and professionalism. After giving the keys to reading this ecosystem, this training will address the different strategies that an institution can build to offer the client a solution that meets his objectives and preferences.


For more than 30 years...

For over thirty years, our Institute has been active in supporting skills development and career advancement within the banking industry.

As a professional association, we build our service offering specifically on your expressed needs. This is certainly our unique value proposition: we focus on maximizing the collective and individual competencies of our members, where the collective feels it is truly useful.

The Institute trains technical experts and also contributes to forging the managerial skills of tomorrow's middle and senior managers. This is why we have included a wide range of management training courses in our new catalog. You will find, for example, our Future of Finance Certificate, which allows all managers to project themselves into the world of digitalization without any initial IT skills in order to better understand the challenges of tomorrow, or our Certificate in Banking Management and Adaptability, which aims to develop the managerial profile of banking executives in an increasingly complex environment, by working in particular on their cognitive elasticity.

As a competence and career center, we complement our training offer with a personalized support service for your experts or executives who wish to develop a specific facet of their professional style. This is made possible with the help of the best professionals active in our industry, such as former HR managers and career development consultants.

The entire team of the Institute is looking forward to accompanying you in this new dynamic.

"We build our service offering specifically on your expressed needs. This is certainly a value proposition that is unique to us."