Training Catalogue 2023

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ISFB Certificates

CAS/DAS/MAS courses

Training Duration Member price **.
CAS HES in Banking Marketing and Distribution*. 11 days CHF 7'950.00
CAS HES Corporate Banking*. 12 days CHF 7'950.00
CAS HES Banking Operations Management* (HES) 11 days CHF 7'950.00

* Training given in partnership with HES Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences.

International Certifications

Training Duration Member price **.
Preparation for CAIA I certification 39 hours CHF 3'060.00
CFA ESG certification preparation 21 hours CHF 2'450.00
CFA I certification preparation 72 hours CHF 4'490.00

SAQ certifications and recertifications + non-eligible alternatives

Training Duration Member price **.
General review for the written exam (INTRA group) 1.5 day CHF 7'350.00
Oral preparation for SAQ certification (INTRA group) 1 day CHF 4'950.00
Recertification package (individual)
Recertification Package 1
Recertification Package 2
24 hours CHF 2'650.00
Recertification package (INTRA group) 24 hours CHF 13'320.00
ISFB Proficiency (not SAQ eligible) Review CHF 1'800.00

Short courses

Training Duration Member price **.
Introduction to SME financing 1 day CHF 850.00
The Swiss banking world 2 days CHF 1'700.00
Computer security 1 day CHF 850.00
MiFID/LSFin 1 day CHF 850.00
Banking Law 2 days CHF 1'700.00
Prospective and analytical techniques 1 day CHF 850.00
Elegance and good manners in front of the customer 1 day CHF 850.00
Quality of the reception to the service of the customer 1 day CHF 850.00
Stress prevention 1 day CHF 850.00
For over thirty years, our Institute has been active in supporting skills development and career advancement within the banking industry.

As a professional association, we build our service offering specifically on your expressed needs. This is certainly a value proposition that is unique to us: we focus on maximizing the collective and individual competencies of our members, where the collective feels it is truly useful.

Our offer is essentially intended for our members. However, the offer can be extended to non-member institutions registered in the Swiss commercial register, as well as to private individuals residing or working for a Swiss institution, with a price increase of 25% on the posted rate. 

Not a member

  • Non-member prices are the posted member prices plus a 25% surcharge.


  • The member prices apply to the member institutions of the ISFB and their employees.