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Law, Risk and Compliance

Compliance and regulatory risk management have reached unprecedented volume and complexity, driven by regional, national and international regulators. Beyond knowledge of the regulatory framework, the ability to apply it efficiently and set up a risk management system, while pursuing business development, is a crucial if not vital skill for financial institutions. The regulatory environment is complex in nature, both complicated and dynamic over time, requiring a constantly renewed ability to read and anticipate.

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ISFB Compliance Officer Certificate

Due to the cross-border nature of its activities, the scope of banking compliance today covers a large number of specific issues, and requires a wide range of knowledge as well as the ability to appreciate the regulatory environment in a panoramic way. Constantly updated and focused on developments in the main laws and regulations (LSFin, LEFin, EAR, Fatca, etc.), this course also explores the main contemporary contextual territories (market integrity, information security, etc.).


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