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Retail & Corporate Banking

An internationally recognized banking platform, Switzerland is also a rich, dense and highly competitive domestic market; in fact, the size of the onshore market is greater than that of cross-border management. The arrival of new specialized players (virtual banks, fintechs, fiduciaries) or global players (insurance), but also the withdrawal of some of them, are forcing banks to rethink part of their business model, as well as to consolidate customer relations, consider their business portfolio as a whole and provide a top-quality universal offering.

Flagship product

ISFB Retail Banking Certificate

The only one of its kind in Switzerland, this comprehensive training program is aimed at the many new entrants to the industry, as well as practicing professionals wishing to update and reinforce their skills. Focusing on the ability to apply the knowledge acquired directly in the workplace, this certificate covers the full range of topics of interest to domestic private and corporate (SME) clients, from investment and wealth management to credit and other peripheral services.


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