General terms and conditions



At ISFB, all our courses are crowned by a certification or a diploma recognized by the competent authorities that you can obtain by taking exams. Your registration to the latter implies the acceptance of our regulations.

  • Admission requirements:
    to sit for an examination for the cantonal certificates, the candidate must demonstrate an attendance rate of at least 75% in the courses; this requirement does not exist for the other certificates.

  • Thesequence of events:
    The candidate's knowledge is tested by means of written examinations and/or marked exercises. In principle, the examination is written in French, exceptionally in English. The examination takes place during the first session following the end of the training course.

  • Catching up:
    In the event of failure, the candidate may retake a new examination session, but no more than twice within two years of the first examination passed.

  • Obtaining the certificate :
    the candidate must pass all the modules within 2 years from the1st module exam taken.

  • Preservation of the original document :
    in the event of loss, theft or destruction, no new certificate/diploma or duplicate will be issued.



Choose your session

Exam sessions are held once or twice a month (except in August). They take place in the ISFB premises on Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00.

Exam schedule

Easy access to training courses

In order to simplify your access to ISFB training and certifications, you can use, in addition to the facilities offered by your employer, financing or co-financing solutions as well as financial benefits and accommodations. These solutions are subject to certain conditions.

  • Annual training cheque :
    certain diplomas and certificates issued by the ISFB are eligible for an annual training cheque of CHF 750 granted by the State of Geneva.

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  • Coveredby the CSPS :
    under certain conditions, full coverage of your training costs can be provided by the Fondation pour la Formation Professionnelle et Continue.

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  • Tax exemption on the amount of the training :
    training and further training costs are deductible from income up to a maximum of CHF 12,000.

  • Payment Arrangement :
    a payment arrangement can be granted to you as long as you finance your training yourself.


The complete documentation is provided in electronic format (pdf file).

All information related to your training will be sent to you through our Moodle training space. It will remain available there for the duration of your training.