Continuing Education

Customized training

Do you want to build a customized training specifically for your employees?

or privatize a training course in your premises?

Some recent examples of intra-bank training:


Issue Solution
A foreign member bank wished to consolidate the collective spirit and the sharing of best practices among its employees We organized a day out in the presence of management and employeescentered around 4 brainstorming themes, giving rise to an action plan drawn up by the participants.
Following a change of outsourcer, a retail member bank has taken over part of its payment traffic operations internally We have set up a training course 2.5-day course covering the payment traffic ecosystem, the main sources of errors and complaints, trouble shooting and practical cases adapted to the bank's Nostro system.
The IT provider of a private bank wanted to work on improving its communication with its client We have designed a training course 2-day interactive course covering all the key elements you need to know in order to acquire customer culture and jargon (the banking and financial ecosystem, bank typology, common product strategies, positioning, etc.).
A major member bank wanted to increase the effectiveness and confidence of its Relationship Managers in the new customer acquisition function We structured and conducted a 3-day training course resulting in an individualized action plan based on the participants' skills and cultural characteristicsWe then carried out a review phase a few months after the end of the training.


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