Institut Supérieur de Formation Bancaire / Institute for Studies in Finance & Banking



Contexte et enjeux

Ce cours est dispensé dans le cadre du Certificat en Financement du Négoce International 

Cours en anglais

In a context the need to diversify sources of business and revenues, Commodity Trade Finance (« CTF ») became an attractive new business line for many types of lenders (banks, hedge funds, family offices, corporates etc….).

This specific credit activity requires from lenders to constantly improve the relevant level of knowledge and/or degree of expertise in CTF dedicated staff/management, in order for them to be  able to  :

– master the numerous implied risks  in a commodity trade operation (political, logistical, currency, commodity price, counterparty etc.)

– understand/ follow the underlying commodity markets rules, practices and trends.

It is  mandatory for any CTF lender and dedicated staff/management to react in an appropriate manner to any adverse market situation, market collapse or negative trade event occurrence, in order to avoid the generation of a credit loss generation due to staff/management ignorance, misunderstanding of the situation, inadequate reaction or poor decision making.



Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Understand and apply the relevant best practices of  the CTF (Commodity Trade Finance) Industry, with a focus on the  particularities linked to the petroleum industry
  • Use the various risk mitigation tools available for mastering credit exposure
  • Assess a credit file,  to structure a credit operation and price it  (Risk Adjusted Pricing)


  • Basics notions of the CTF industry
  • Credit file and Trade assessment
  • Credit risks, collateral and securities
  • Documentary operations (D/C,St-by L/C, LOI,PU/PCO)

Public ciblé

Ce cours sera d’un intérêt important pour les personnes évoluant ou envisageant d’évoluer dans le domaine du négoce:

  • Crédits: spécialistes en crédits documentaires, crédits structurés;
  • Risque : risk manager ; analyste crédit
  • Front: Relationship manager, Account officer
  • Opérations: spécialistes midle et backoffice

Biographie du formateur

Managing Director of the Swiss office of Menara Capital (UK), Philippe Steiner brings with him over 20 years of commodity trade finance experience through various senior positions gained in top ranked CTF banks such as BNP Paribas, notably in documentary credits and the trade finance client relationship management sphere.

As an adviser on commodity trade finance matters through his company Commodity Trade Invest, he currently services a diversified portfolio of trading companies, private investors and commodity trade finance banking institutions.

Philippe is a Swiss Federal Expert in Banking Economy and he also holds the Documentary Credit Specialist Certification from IFS UK/London Institute (ICC supported certification).