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Contraction of the words finance and technology, fintech is today at the heart of the strategic concerns and discussions of the financial industry within which one observes a development of applications as well as companies active in fintech in constant acceleration.

While nobody today doubts the perennial aspect of these new technologies, there are still many grey areas surrounding in particular the extent of its disruptive potential, the speed of assimilation of these new technologies or the outline of future applications.

This course will propose to review the main categories of innovation, to look back over the last 5 years in order to evaluate the surprises and false starts, to acquire the tools to analyze technological changes and to position oneself in front of them.

Target audience

  • CWMA SAQ certification holders


ISFB lecturers have been working in the banking and financial world, or in their respective fields, for many years and are recognized as some of the best experts in our ecosystem in French-speaking Switzerland.

  • 4 hours, morning
  • In a virtual classroom on Microsoft Teams, live from our studio
  • The webcam is mandatory to validate your presence
  • Weekdays, from 09:00 to 13:00
  • Language : French

The SAQ recertification package

This training is part of the SAQ 2 Recertification Package.

ISFB recommends taking the entire recertification package rather than a specific module.

Single module Complete package
Number of hours 4 hours 24 hours
Member rate CHF 550.- CHF 2650.00
Registration Process 1 registration per module 1 unique registration

Individual price

CHF 550.00 (member price) / participant

CHF 730.00 (non-member price) / participant

The member prices apply to all ISFB member institutes and their employees.

Collective price

For member institutions, it is possible to organize this short course at a preferential price from 5 simultaneous registrations. Please contact us for an offer.

CHF 2'375.00 (member price) in-house for a group of maximum 12 participants


Please complete the online application form.

Your registration will then be considered as firm and definitive. 3 weeks before the beginning of the training, you will have access to our ISFB collaborative space, then a few days before the beginning of the training to the specific space reserved for the participants of this training.

The general conditions of the ISFB apply as soon as you validate our offer.

Opening of the next session

Short courses are included in the recertification packages. Please see the Package 1 or Package 2 calendar for upcoming dates.


A certificate of recertification will be given to you as soon as the 4-hour module has been completed online.

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