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The ISFB banking assessment is designed specifically for the banking sector. It is offered as part of an evolution, a change of function or a recruitment process. Its aim is to assess the social, managerial and methodological skills of one or more employees, in the context of the banking ecosystem. It generally takes place over half a day, during which the employee takes a psychometric test, before participating in a series of exercises, under the observation of a specialized jury. As a member of SwissAssessment, ISFB follows standardized steps.

Target audience

  • Individual assessment: coaching in the context of an appointment process
  • Developmental assessment: support in the context of a transition of functions within the same establishment
  • Selection assessment: support in the evaluation of a candidate's profile during the hiring process.
ISFB is an ordinary member of SwissAssessment, an association of Assessment Center specialists working in large organizations, universities and public authorities.

Standard process

  • Initial target setting by the member institution
  • Definition of the requirement profile by the member institution
  • Accuracy of the tests performed, the observation and evaluation system
  • How the assessment is carried out
  • Feedback and interpretation of results
  • Delivery of the final report

Duration of the assessment

4 hours, in the ISFB premises


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