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The Technical Skills Coaching process is designed to help a banking specialist update his or her skills, in order to prepare him or her to sit an exam or develop his or her business capacity over time. This is an individual approach, where the coach assesses with the specialist the gaps he or she wishes to fill and the time he or she wishes to devote to this. The coach can support the specialist in his methodology or in maintaining his motivation, but also in the specific learning of one or more technical or commercial skills.


  • Evaluation of the need by phone (15 minutes), in order to determine the most suitable coach for the request
  • Scheduling of an initial 90-minute coaching session
  • New sessions can be scheduled at any time, as requested by the specialist.

Target audience

  • Current specialist or expert in banking and finance in French-speaking Switzerland


Sessions are conducted by an expert depending on the client's choice (an expert coach in the banking field)

Other elements

  • Sessions can also be held as a group for a complete team within a member bank.

How will it work?

  • After receiving your contact request using the form on the right, ISFB will contact you to clarify your request. During this first contact of about 15 minutes, we will identify together your request and the means we can put at your disposal to help you. It is thanks to this first meeting, which is free and without obligation, that we will be able to identify the person who will be able to accompany you. Once this step has been completed, we will send you an offer, which you can freely accept or not.

Upon validation of the offer

By default, the program looks like this:

  • 1 coaching session of 90 minutes

Another configuration can of course be determined based on the needs analysis.

Where will it happen?

  • The first needs analysis discussion takes place by phone.
  • The sessions take place face-to-face at the Institute's premises, at the employer's premises, or remotely at the client's express request
  • Sessions can be held on weekdays, early in the morning, during the day, between noon and two, in the afternoon or at the end of the day. Saturday sessions are also available upon request.
  • Coaching/sparring sessions can be conducted in French or in English (the language will be determined during the definition of the need, to select the right speaker).


CHF 350.00 / hour

The member prices apply to all ISFB member institutes and their employees.


Please fill out the contact form on this page.

We will contact you to assess your needs and identify with you the right person. There is no obligation during the assessment phase. We will then send you an offer that you can freely accept or refuse at no cost.

The general conditions of the ISFB apply as soon as you validate our offer.

First contact without commitment