Certification for financial advisors

The SAQ certification has become almost mandatory following the entry into force of the LSFin on January1, 2020, and has now become an essential standard for all asset management professionals. The same goes for the SAQ recertification for which the ISFB offers you a tailor-made course program


The only service provider in French-speaking Switzerland

The ISFB is the only service provider in French-speaking Switzerland accredited to carry out the CWMA certification process. It operates throughout Switzerland on behalf of the SAQ (Swiss Association for Quality) competence centre. In this context, we support our members and their asset management specialists in the implementation of their SAQ CWMA certification projects, which we manage and monitor.

ISFB's SAQ CWMA certification training lasts between six and nine months and covers all CWMA competency areas. Since 2014, the ISFB has organized training for more than 1,000 wealth management advisors, and 24 renowned institutions have chosen us for this certification program.

A process in five étapes :

  • Goal setting and communication

  • Identification of skills gaps

  • Training and upgrading of candidates

  • Assessment of required competencies

  • Certification of candidates


Update your skills

Once obtained, your SAQ certification is valid for three years. To renew your certification, you must obtain recertification by demonstrating that you have the required competencies, passing an examination, or completing apprenticeship, training or educational units.

Your five options to get your recertification :

  • Attend 24 hours of SAQ-accredited training

  • Pass a written recertification exam

  • Give 24 hours of SAQ-accredited courses

  • Officer 9 times as SAQ expert at the oral exam

  • Obtain a foreign certification recognized as equivalent by the SAQ

To address the specific interest and needs of certified financial advisors, ISFB has designed and implemented a specific SAQ recertification programme.

A simple, efficient and tailor-made training format

  • 4h: our proposal is based on compact half-day thematic modules which are totally independent of each other, allowing great organisational flexibility for advisers and/or their employers.

  • Professional virtual classes: all modules are delivered online in synchronous mode (live interactive format) from our TV studios and via Zoom (or any other video conferencing software, WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

  • More than 40 modules to choose from: from must-haves like digital finance or sustainable finance, to industry fundamentals at the heart of paradigm shifts and practice changes in your business, select what you need to ensure your recertification.

The SAQ recertification requires the combination of the 2 categories "behaviour" and "technical knowledge". These can be grouped in a 3rd category "Combined measures". The categories can be distinguished by the last 4 digits of the accreditation number of each module:

  • XXXX-ISFB-XX-1XXX = technical knowledge
  • XXXX-ISFB-XX-2XXX = behaviour
  • XXXX-ISFB-XX-3XXX = combined measures

In practice, you must therefore combine modules categorised as 1 and 2 or 1, 2 and 3 or only modules categorised as 3.

Discover our SAQ recertification modules

Your benefits

  • Improve your customer advisor skills

  • Achieving a high level of professionalism and excellence

  • Increase your performance

  • Meeting the latest regulatory requirements




  • French

  • English

  • Be employed in a FINMA-accredited financial institution

  • Manage or be directly involved in the management of private clients

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