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Continuing Education

Supporting the maintenance and development of skills in banking and finance


Wanting to update your professional skills, embark on a career transition or fulfill a personal interest, you set out to find the most suitable training course to achieve your goal. But then you realize that there is a plethora of courses on offer, and you don't know which one to choose. Continuing education represents a major investment.

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The Institute aims to maximize the collective and individual skills of the banking ecosystem in French-speaking Switzerland. It trains specialists in technical fields as well as in managerial and interactional skills.

The training program offers different types of training in Private Banking and Asset Management, Retail and Corporate Banking, Support and Back-Office, Law, Risk and Compliance, as well as Management and Human Resources.

ISFB Certificates

A long-standing ISFB product, our certificates are designed to provide a pragmatic response to our members' needs for applied skills. They are made up of modules and culminate in an examination or an assignment. They are taught by our ISFB lecturers, all of whom are experts in the French-speaking financial center or in their specialist profession. These are short courses lasting between four and fourteen days, in which the knowledge developed is immediately applicable, with a pedagogical approach based on the principle of sharing expertise between participants and teachers.

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ISFB offers HES-level training courses in partnership with the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève. ISFB acts as co-designer and co-director of the products, based on the monitoring and maintenance of its network of expertise, and selects the best lecturers. The range of courses on offer is designed to meet the needs of specialists wishing to pursue longer studies lasting six to twelve months and leading to ECTS credits. The CAS or DAS diploma is awarded by the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève, and an ISFB Certificate bearing the same name is also awarded. Participants thus leave with two diplomas.

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Made to measure

In addition to our standard training courses, we offer companies and our members optimum support in designing and implementing tailor-made in-house training programs. In the form of private courses, this type of "intra-company" training offers flexibility and relevance. It can be adapted to companies' needs and constraints. Courses are organized on the premises of the establishments, within the Institute, but also from our remote video broadcasting studio, or even off-site, depending on requirements. Some banks pool their training courses, thus limiting costs.

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Our offer

CAS Financing and investments

CAS Operations Management in Financial Services

CAS Strategic Management in Financial Services

CAS Marketing and Communication in Financial Services

ISFB Compliance Officer Certificate

ISFB Certificate Credits

ISFB Family Officer Certificate

ISFB Certificate in Sustainable Finance

ISFB Future of Finance Certificate

ISFB Investment Advisor Certificate

ISFB Certificate in Banking Management and Adaptability

ISFB certificate Wealth planning

ISFB Private Banking Certificate - day session

ISFB Private Banking Certificate - evening session

ISFB Retail Banking Certificate

ISFB Certificate as a Regulatory Specialist

Financial Services Consulting and Distribution SBA

DAS Strategic and Operational Management in Banking Services

Sales force development - in-house

Challenges and prospects for AI in banking

Introduction to Swiss banking - Intra-company

Introduction to Swiss Banking's ESG guidelines

Sociology of organizations

Boost my career?


A fine blend of technical and interactive skills

Academic research shows that certain factors contribute more fundamentally to professional success: technical knowledge and skills and 'soft skills', but also the influence of the context in which the individual evolves, his or her motivation and confidence in his or her ability to succeed, in particular.

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Congratulations to our alumni

This festive occasion is a central event in our association, where our members get together to celebrate our prizewinners and enjoy a moment of informal exchange.

34th Awards Ceremony

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