Become an institutional member of the ISFB?

Thinking of becoming an institutional member of the ISFB to benefit from our ecosystem?

This is a great idea.

We are the Competence and Career Centre for banks in French-speaking Switzerland!

ISFB is...

  • an institute specializing in skills development in the fields of finance and banking
  • a non-profit professional association of some fifty institutions in the banking and financial sector under Swiss law;
  • a reference for over thirty years in the field of skills development in the banking and financial industry;
  • services tailored to the needs of banks and financial institutions: professional training, preparation for Swiss and international certifications, career development and network outreach. 

Some advantages

Why become an institutional member of the ISFB?

  • To contribute to thecollective support of skills development for employees in the French-speaking financial center
  • Increase the appeal of your employer brand
  • Access to a vast network of expertise in technical skills across the full range of banking professions (Retail and Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Pensions, Legal and Compliance, Back Office and Support Activities), as well as in banking management.
  • To contact the association for the design and production of customized training courses for your establishment
  • For the possibility of using the association for skills assessment and development services (individual coaching for SAQ exam preparation or the development of managerial or sales postures, assessment during appointment, orientation advice, etc.)
  • For access to a vast catalog of face-to-face and distance learning courses with a preferential rate reserved for members(-25% on the general public rates) for your establishment and all your employees wishing to follow a training course on a personal basis

Membership Application Form

An initial, no-obligation contact will be arranged with our general management following your request.