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More than ever, Switzerland's economic fabric is based on small and medium-sized businesses, as the latest figures confirm: almost 600,000 SMEs generate 70% of the country's jobs. Every day, 120 new companies are born in Switzerland. At a time of unprecedented paradigm shifts (digitalization, tensions between globalization and economic retreat, systemic risks), the role of the banker is of crucial importance in supporting and advising businesses, by acting as a genuine long-term partner. This unique program offers a 360-degree view of all aspects of corporate advisory services in terms of financing, as well as key related issues. With a strong focus on practical application, the program follows the company through its entire life cycle (restructuring, transfer, acquisition), taking into account its external environment (economic and legal) as well as its internal characteristics (strategy and business model). Emphasis is placed on both the analytical dimension and the transfer of a comprehensive toolbox directly applicable to competitive business consulting.

Key objectives

  1. Understanding the purpose of a business valuation
  2. Appreciate the existence of the main valuation methods for an unlisted company
  3. Get to grips with the analysis process involved in a risk assessment of a company

Target audience

  • Professionals in the banking or financial sector who wish to acquire or strengthen their skills in corporate finance, risk management, consulting, derivatives, etc.
  • Account managers and account executives
  • M&A advisors, traders, market managers


ISFB lecturers have been working in the banking world as corporate banking specialists for many years, and are recognized as some of the leading experts in our ecosystem in French-speaking Switzerland.

  • 11 non-consecutive days
  • Face-to-face in the Lausanne area
  • Weekdays, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Language : French


The certificate is made up of 5 modules integrating different themes.

Module 1: The company and its environment

  • Corporate taxation
  • Strategic models
  • Value proposition & Business model canvas
  • Macroeconomic analysis

Module 2: Business analysis

  • Capital structure and balance sheet analysis
  • Analysis of cash flows and operating accounts
  • Analysis of key ratios and indicators
  • Workshop

Module 3: Financing solutions and risk management

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Alternative financing
  • Long-term financing

Module 4: Special financing cases

  • Business valuation
  • Business transfer
  • Recovery

Module 5: Customer relations

  • Negotiation techniques
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Soft skills


CHF 5'250.00 / person (member price)

The member prices apply to all ISFB member institutes and their employees.


Please complete the online application form.

Your registration will then be considered as firm and definitive. 3 weeks before the beginning of the training, you will have access to our ISFB collaborative space, then a few days before the beginning of the training to the specific space reserved for the participants of this training.

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Opening of the next session

Intra-company training for groups only. An inter-company session will be scheduled for the second half of 2024.

Please contact your human resources department if you'd like to take part in this training course organized jointly by several banks. You can also call us directly to discuss it in person beforehand.

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