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As personal, professional and asset situations are constantly changing, only a 360-degree view of assets enables clients to make optimal financial decisions. Real estate, pension plans, taxation, but also inheritance and matrimonial aspects or business transfers: a client's scope is rich and complex.

In a transparent and fiscally compliant world, the ability to propose a global approach allows the manager to stand out by offering a complete professional advice, where the client is at the center of concerns. This practice-oriented training course begins with an analysis of the various instruments available before bringing together and applying all this knowledge in an integration exercise based on a real case.

Key objectives

  1. Define and propose a global asset solution based on the analysis of a client's current situation as well as the evaluation of certain future scenarios
  2. Gather and analyze all the elements necessary for financial planning
  3. Master all aspects of wealth and assess the consequences of changes in personal and professional circumstances on these aspects

Target audience

  • Anyone working in the banking and finance industry with a direct link to Swiss resident customers, wishing to benefit from practical training. 


ISFB lecturers have been working in the banking and financial world, or in their respective fields, for many years and are recognized as some of the best experts in our ecosystem in French-speaking Switzerland.


Program director: Albert Gallegos

Product Manager: Larissa Kungudi


  • 10 non-consecutive days 
  • In person at the ISFB premises
  • Weekdays, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Language : French

The certificate consists of 11 one-day modules:

Module 1: Social Insurance

  • Swiss 3-pillar system (AHV, IV, BVG, 3rd pillar A - B)
  • Supplementary insurances LAA and IJM
  • Coordination of the 3 pillars in case of disability and death
  • Current issues

Module 2: Real Estate

  • Legal framework for the acquisition of Swiss real estate, particularly by foreigners (LFAIE, lex koller)
  • Forms of real estate ownership
  • Associated tax treatments (Swiss resident and non resident)
  • Transmission and inheritance issues
  • Real estate and occupational benefits
  • Case studies

Module 3: Matrimonial and inheritance aspects

  • Legal basis
  • Matrimonial regimes
  • The marriage contract
  • Inheritance law and testamentary dispositions
  • Planning

Module 4: Optimization of pension funds I

  • 2nd in detail
  • Laws governing the 2nd pillar
  • 2nd pillar basic plan (compulsory, over-compulsory)
  • Provident & Self-employed
  • Calculation of pension gaps

Module 5: Optimization of pension fund II

  • 2nd pillar, complementary plans
  • Buybacks
  • Annuity or capital

Module 6: Personal taxation

  • Framework of the Swiss tax system and tax levels
  • Income taxation
  • Wealth taxation
  • Double taxation

Module 7: Special cases of personal taxation

  • Real estate taxation
  • Pension taxation
  • Investment taxation

Module 8: Investment advice

  • The wealth planning investment context
  • Goal-based investing
  • Universe of financial assets to consider
  • Fundamental investment laws
  • Risk profile & strategic allocation
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking

Module 9: Starting a Business

  • What is entrepreneurship: myth and reality
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Legal and administrative aspects of entrepreneurship
  • All this, with the use of concrete cases

Module 10: Business Transfer

  • Planning stages
  • Forms of transmission (cash, asset deal, share deal)
  • Choosing a successor
  • Pricing
  • Tax aspects
  • Success factors

Module 11: Integration Case Study

  • Information gathering
  • Analysis of documents and information
  • Searching for solutions
  • Proposals for optimal solutions


CHF 6'950.00 (member price)

CHF 8'690 (non-member price)

The member prices apply to all ISFB member institutes and their employees.


Please complete the online application form.

Your registration will then be considered as firm and definitive. 3 weeks before the beginning of the training, you will have access to our ISFB collaborative space, then a few days before the beginning of the training to the specific space reserved for the participants of this training.

The general conditions of the ISFB apply as soon as you validate our offer.

Opening of the next session

Kick-off: October 09, 2024 at 5:30 p.m.

The next session starts on October 31, 2024 at 8:30 a.m.
The full training schedule will be available here.

Examination information

The validation of the certificate is done through a written exam of the QCS type (simple choice questionnaire, one and only one correct answer) of 120 minutes. The emphasis is on understanding, application and the ability to analyze and solve concrete cases using the tools and methods seen in training. Candidates are allowed to consult course materials, appendices and personal notes (open-ended exam concept)

Review - open-book - January 30, 2025

Examination schedule

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